Marc Anthony and his spouse Nadia Ferreira welcome their first child collectively

The Mindy Project founder celebrated her father Avu Chokalingam by posting a picture of him with their two children Katherine5, and spencer2.

“My dad shows up,” she captioned her Instagram post. “He was the one who drove me out of the hospital after my two children were born. To this day, he comes home at least once a day to play with the kids, take them to the farmer’s market, and pick them up from school,” or escort Spencer around the block in my son’s precious blue toddler car. He also says yes to my kids’ crazy plans like, “Let’s spin grandpa around in the round chair real quick.”

Mindy then reflected on how her bond with her father has grown over the years.

“It’s funny how my love for my father deepened as he became a grandfather, to the role he was born to play,” she continued. “I love him dearly and back, that’s what he says to my kids. Whoever your family is – husband, partner, grandparents, mother, wife, stepparents, nanny, siblings, old friend – I hope you have someone out there who is there for you and your family! It is the great blessing of our life. now i will cry OK! Greetings to everyone today!”

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