Mariah Carey honors twins Moroccan and Monroe, who will probably be turning 12

Mariah Carey‘s twins—Moroccan and Monroe cannon– recently celebrated their twelfth birthday, and their superstar mom paid loving tribute to the pre-teens online!

On Sunday morning, the “Breakdown” singer confirmed the exciting milestone on social media.

Over on Twitter, Mariah shared four photos to pay homage to her “favourite person on the planet.” She affectionately referred to a line from her song “Supernatural,” in which her then-three-year-old twins giggle and coo.

“Happy Birthday to my favorite people on the planet!!! I thank God for you every day! ‘Our love is supernatural!!!’”

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The song references didn’t end there, however, as Mariah cheered for “Always Be My Baby” at the end of her post.

“Ooh darlings because you will ALWAYS be my babies!!!”

Happy birthday to my favorite people on the planet!!! I thank God for you every day! “Our love is supernatural!!!” Ooh dears because you will ALWAYS be my babies!!! ❤️❤️🎉🎂🎈🎁❤️❤️

— Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey) April 30, 2023

Carey used the same caption and images in an Instagram upload. She shared a few additional family photos on the platform, giving fans a fuller glimpse into her personal life.

Nick Cannon celebrated with the twins at Six Flags: “You know how we do it!”

As for Nick cannonthe “dad of a dozen” celebrated the twins’ birthday by taking them to Six Flags!

This wasn’t an ordinary outing, however, as Nick closed the amusement park to allow the twins and some friends to have a full experience. After all, they were “doing what big 12-year-olds do.”

“Roc and Roes 12th Shutdown of Magic Mountain Six Flags. Doing what great 12 year olds do. Roc and Roe asked to fly their friends in from anywhere and have the entire park to themselves.”

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Cannon added, “Creative Club Roc and Roe, you know how we do it!” He was sure he’d pull off some fun antics, including roller coasters, ice cream cakes and dancing. Talk about a good time!

Ultimately, the contestants “rocked out all night until about midnight.” Nick ended his video by saying, “Daddy loves you all. Happy birthday to my firstborn.”

Happy Belated Birthday Moroccans and Monroe!

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