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Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h / t Tom Nelson, Dr. Willie Soon; Although Greta reveals the secret plans of her revolutionary comrades in India or initiates a cascade of international flights with her desperate personal efforts to avoid flying, she really cares about CO2. At least she can see CO2 molecules.

From Michael Mann’s latest book;

… Despite her extraordinary measures to reduce her carbon footprint, even Greta Thunberg has become a popular target of this type of attack. Inactivists have done their best to dismiss them and their youthful climate activists as hypocrites. After Thunberg had crossed the Atlantic in a boat to participate in events related to the UN climate summit in New York City in September 2019, Anthony Watts published an article on his website in which he advocated, among other things, being in a boat travel, which was partly made of “non-recyclable plastic” – really! 74…

Source: The New Climate War, by Michael Mann

The “74” refers to the following in Mann’s book:

74. Eric Worrall, Doh! Klimamessias Greta Thunberg’s plastic boat trip requires four transatlantic flights, which corresponds to that. August 18, 2019, https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/08/18/doh-climate-messiah-greta-thunbergs-plastic-boat-trip-will-result-in-two-airline-flights.

Michael Mann, I understand that there is the simple charm of watching Greta on the world stage when she stumbles around a kitten and knocks everything over. But it’s not really fair to attack us because we pointed out that Greta should have followed your example and reduced her transatlantic carbon footprint by buying a plane ticket.

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