Mo’Nique talks about exhibiting himself proud after seeing girls sporting hats and headscarves on the airport

It looks like the debate about women wearing hats in public has taken another turn. This time Mo’Nique picked up the conversation after telling what she’d seen at the airport.

On Saturday, she took to Instagram to speak with love to her followers and explain what she saw and how she felt about her observations. She said, “When we got to the airport yesterday I said, ‘Okay baby let’s get her in Jackson, M. ‘As we walked through the airport, I saw so many, actually too many to count. and too many for me to tap. But I’ve seen so many of our young sisters in hats, scarves, slippers, pajamas, and blankets, and that’s how they come to the airport. “

She went on to explain that the airport isn’t the only place she has seen women dressed like this.

“The question I have for you, sweet babies, when did we lose the pride in representing ourselves?” She asked.

Mo’Nique went on to explain her point of view, adding, “I’m not saying you have no pride, but the portrayal you are showing someone would have to ask you to know you had it.”

She stressed the importance of being proud of your representation.

As we’ve reported earlier, rapper Fredo Bang recently shared that he really likes it when women decide to get off while they are wearing their hoods.

He said: “I have the feeling that when a woman steps into her hood, she feels completely at ease. She doesn’t have to be dressed up and dressed from head to shoulders every second of her life because she knows she is the baddest. # Self-esteem is a big turning point. “

Previously, Plies had expressed that there should be a law according to which women are not allowed to wear hats more than 10 feet from their home.

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