Morano and Bastardi host zoom occasion – are you achieved with it?


AGW refusal. No, humans help warm the planet by burning fossil fuels. Should CO2 capture a narrow bandwidth of radiation and raise the temperature slightly. Yes.

The question then is whether this temperature will cause a temperature increase of 6.5 degrees Celsius before the end of the century. I am very skeptical about this.

How about 4 degrees Celsius? I am still very skeptical about that.

How about 2 degrees Celsius? I am doubtful, but it’s coming into the realm of the possible NOW.

How about a ONE degree? Yes, it’s possible.

So please understand that MOST of the “denial” you are talking about is not LOCATION. There is skepticism in the headline and scare tactics to get people to act for fear that MOST people who are reluctant to accept the “AGW” are exaggerating? Lying? What is your name of something that almost certainly won’t happen, but you still say something like “The world could see a temperature rise of up to 6 degrees in the next century” when you know it is so likely that the Temperature drops same number?

Most of the people here ASK science which is a good thing. They 100% contradict efforts that will have potentially unintended worldwide consequences, such as massive solar parks and wind turbine parks.

Still have fun trolling.

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