Movie star {couples} of their 50s share their love secrets and techniques

True love doesn’t have to have a happy ending because true love has no ending.

In small town Hollywood, it sometimes seems like more couples break up than stay together. But for more than a few famous couples, no amount of fame and fortune can spoil their love story.

just look up Samuel L Jackson And LaTanya Richardsonwho first met at Morehouse College in 1970. As their careers prospered, so did their romance and unbreakable bond.

“It’s the commitment to that other person and what that means to you,” he told Sunday TODAY willie spirit in June 2019. “Marriage changes the dynamic of how we see ourselves because we have to start thinking about someone else. The selfishness of who you are has to be subdued in a very interesting way.”

For Samuel and LaTanya, who have been married for 43 years and are parents of one daughter Zoe Jackson40 is also an incentive to look your best.

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