“Native climate dynamics do not all the time correlate with international warming” – Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Grist discusses the rise of “climate change” versus “global warming” because the term “global warming” was too confusing for people with cold weather.

Report: Nobody speaks of “global warming” anymore

By Kate Yoder on March 4, 2021

Good news: global warming is over. Just the sentence itself.

A new report shows how differently people talk about climate change than they did 10 years ago. Researchers from BayWa re, a German renewable energy company, searched 1.3 trillion tweets, Reddit posts, news articles and other publicly available sources, as well as Google search data. They found that searches for global warming, once the most common name for our overheated planet, has decreased by 73 percent since 2010. The older term just went out of style. Climate change began to outperform global warming around 2015, and the newly popular climate crisis could one day catch up if current trends continue. It’s another sign, researchers say, that the public is beginning to grasp the extent of the problem.

Global warming can potentially be confusing for people because of while warming is taking place on a global scale, There are obviously local extreme weather dynamics that do not always correlate with warming.Said Emma Frances Bloomfield, an assistant professor of communications at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She pointed to the crazy winter storm in Texas last month: Some scientists say so Warming patterns in the Arctic send cold polar air south more frequently, causing extreme cold in parts of the United States.

While climate change may not weigh as much on our conversation as it did in 2019, Bloomfield is encouraged by the links between the pandemic and the planetary crisis. The report found that last year’s most popular news articles on climate change linked it to the pandemic – for example, how carbon emissions fell during last year’s lockdowns, or how preserving forests could help create the next pandemic to stop.

Read more: https://grist.org/climate/report-nobody-talks-about-global-warming-anymore/

Why is it necessary to manage expectations this way? Thanks to intensive scientific adaptations, temperature series like Hadcrut are warming up faster than ever before. Global warming should be apparent to everyone due to the lack of snow.

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