NFL Preseason Week 1 Schedule: TV protection, channels, outcomes for each soccer sport at present

The 2021 Hall of Fame Game marked the return of preseason football after a COVID-related hiatus in 2020. Now it will resume into week 1 of preseason, and NFL fans will focus on the league’s talented, young quarterbacks.

Pre-season week 1 is always about the rookies, and 2021 is no exception. In the first round of the 2021 NFL draft, five quarterbacks were selected, including three who started drafting in turn. All five rookies will make their preseason debuts, and any first-round quarterback fan base – the Jaguars, Jets, 49ers, Bears, and Patriots – will be watching their debuts closely.

Mac Jones will make the first impression as the Patriots will be deployed against Washington on Thursday night. Meanwhile, Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Zach Wilson and Trey Lance play on Saturday. Of these competitions, the game Bears vs. Dolphins – with Fields and Tua Tagovailoa – and the game Jaguars vs. Browns – with the triumvirate Lawrence, Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow – the “marquee matches” of preseason week 1 will exist ).

Additionally, Packers fans will keep an eye on Jordan Love in his Saturday afternoon match with the Texans. Love was a 2020 first round pick, but Green Bay believers have yet to see him in action. The 2020 preseason was canceled and Tim Boyle played all 22 snaps that Aaron Rodgers didn’t play during the 2020 season. Love’s debut will give fans an idea of ​​what the Packers have as quarterback behind Rodgers as the two sides head for an inevitable split in the 2022 off-season.

Below is the full schedule for all NFL preseason week 1 games, plus live scores, streaming and TV information.

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NFL Preseason Schedule Week 1: What Games Will Play Today?

Here is the full schedule for Friday’s NFL preseason games and how to watch them live.

Friday 13th August

game Time (ET) channel
Hawks versus titans 19 o’clock WUPA, WKRN
Lions versus bills 19 o’clock NFL network, WJBK, WIVB
Cardinals vs. Cowboys 22 O `clock NFL network, KPNX, KTVT

How to watch NFL preseason games

NFL Network will broadcast 23 of the NFL’s preseason games live in 2021. That’s almost half of the 49 games, and the broadcaster will replay the remaining 26 during the preseason. Meanwhile, ESPN will broadcast two prime-time preseason games, while CBS and NBC will each receive one. Fox also hosted a preseason competition, the 2021 Hall of Fame game.

Games are also broadcast locally, so fans can see their favorite teams regionally. In addition, the NFL Game Pass – available for $ 99.99 – offers live access to every preseason game and replays of every competition.

The 27 games on NBC, CBS and NFL Network can also be streamed live via fuboTV, which offers a seven-day free trial.

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NFL preseason 2021 schedule

Note: Programs broadcast nationally are printed in bold.

Thursday, August 12th

Patriots 22, Washington 13
Steelers 24, Eagles 16

Friday 13th August

Titans 23, Falcons 3
Bills 16, Lions 15
Cardinals 19, Cowboys 16

Saturday August 14th

game Time (ET) channel
Bears vs. Dolphins 13 o’clock NFL network, WFLD, WFOR
Vikings versus Broncos 4 p.m. NFL network, KMSP, KTVD
Ravens against saints 19 o’clock WBAL, WVUE
Jaguars vs. Browns 19 o’clock NFL network, WJAX, WEWS
Giants versus jets 19:30 o’clock WNBC
Buccaneers against Bengal 19:30 o’clock WRSP, WFTV, WKRC
Packers vs. Texans 8 p.m. WTMJ, KTRK
49ers vs. Chiefs 8:30 p.m. KPIX, KCTV
Raider vs. Seahawks 21 clock KTVU, KING
Rams vs. chargers 22 O `clock NFL network, KCBS, KABC

Sunday 15th August

game Time (ET) channel
Colts vs. Panthers 13 o’clock NFL network, WXIN, WSOC

NFL Preseason Schedule: Week 2

Thursday 19th August

game Time (ET) channel
Eagles versus patriots 19:30 o’clock NFL network, WCAU, WBZ

Friday 20th August

game Time (ET) channel
Cardinals versus chiefs 8 p.m. ESPN, KPNX, KCTV, fuboTV
Washington versus Bengal 8 p.m. NFL network, WRC, WKRC

Saturday 21st August

game Time (ET) channel
Bears against bills 13 o’clock NFL network, WFLD, WKBW
Packers vs. Jets 4:25 pm NFL network, WTMJ, WNBC
Panthers vs. Ravens 19 o’clock WSOC, WBAL
Dolphins vs. hawks 19 o’clock WFOR, WUPA
Steelers vs. Lions 19:30 o’clock NFL network, KDKA, WJBK
Buccaneers versus titans 19:30 o’clock WTSP, WFTV, WKRN
Cowboys versus Texans 8 p.m. KTVT, KTRK
Vikings versus Colts 8 p.m. KMSP, WXIN
Rams vs. Raiders 22 O `clock NFL network, KCBS, KTVU
Seahawks vs. Broncos 22 O `clock KING, KTVD

Sunday 22nd August

game Time (ET) channel
Browns vs. Giants 13 o’clock NFL network, KTVD, WNBC
Chargers vs. 49ers 19:30 o’clock NFL network, KABC, KPIX

Monday 23 August

game Time (ET) channel
Saints versus jaguars 8 p.m. ESPN, WVUE, WJAX, fuboTV

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NFL Preseason Schedule: Week 3

Friday, August 27th

game Time (ET) channel
Lions versus Colts 19 o’clock WJBK, WXIN
Panthers vs. Steelers 19:30 o’clock WSOC, KDKA
Jets vs. Eagles 19:30 o’clock WCAU, WNBC
Chiefs versus Vikings 8 p.m. NFL network, KCTV, KMSP

Saturday, August 28th

game Time (ET) channel
Invoices vs. packers 13 o’clock NFL network, WKBW, WTMJ
Washington vs. Ravens 6 p.m. WRC, WBAL
Titans vs. Bears 19 o’clock NFL network, WKRN, WFLD
Texans vs. privateers 8 p.m. KTRK, WRSP, WFTV
Saints versus cardinals 8 p.m. WVUE, KPNX
Broncos vs. Rams 9:05 pm KTVD, KCBS
Seahawks vs. Chargers 22 O `clock NFL network, KING, KABC

Sunday 29th August

game Time (ET) channel
Cowboys vs. Jaguars 13 o’clock NFL network, KTVT, WJAX
Bengal vs. Dolphins 4 p.m. CBS, WKRC, WFOR, fuboTV
49ers vs. Raiders 4 p.m. NFL network, KPIX, KTVU
Giants versus patriots 6 p.m. NFL network, WNBC, WBZ
Hawks versus Browns 8 p.m. NBC, WUPA, WEWS, fuboTV

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