Nick Jonas is suggested by Bowen Yang, Ego Nwodim within the SNL Promo

Is Any Advice Good Advice? Just ask Nick Jonas.

During the Saturday Night Live promo video that was released on February 25, the “X” artist, who is making his guest hosting debut on February 27, took some unsolicited advice from stars Bowen Yang and Ego Nwodim on this big break.

“Child, this is your big night!” Yang exclaimed while Nwodim added, “If you can do it here, you can do it anywhere!”

Yang also noted that this was Jonas’ “Big Shot,” as Nwodim advised, “Don’t blow it!” A confused Nick, however, reminded the couple, “I think I’ve somehow got there because I’m a very successful music artist.”

But the comedians took this statement as a positive thought. Nwodim noted, “That’s a great attitude,” while Yang quipped, “Fake it until you get it.”

When the trio tried to do the promo for the second time, the singer “Introducing Me” informed them that he was indeed the musical guest.

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