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By P Gosselin

German meteorologist Kau Zorn says plants in Germany have enough water, drought charts designed to produce artificial panic”…heavy rains and cool weather forecast for Central Europe the next 10 days. 

By early summer this year, much of the the German media and authorities were outright giddy about a summer of extreme heat waves and drought, as forecast by the NOAA. And indeed June and the first 20 days of July came in much warmer and drier than normal, and the talk of a climate crisis ramped up even more. Everywhere in the media Germans could hear dramatic drought reports accompanied by alarming bright red drought charts, like the following for a soil depth of 1.8 meters (ca. 6 ft.).

The red colors denote areas with “extreme” to “extraordinary drought” conditions. Source: UFZ Helmholtz. 

But, that has changed over the past week, as cooler and rainier weather has swept over the country and is forecast to intensify over the next 2 weeks. Rainfall across Germany is even expected to be heavy at times.

But, it ‘s not going to be enough, the climate alarmists insist. The drought crisis continues!

Enough water for the plants

Today, at his Youtube weather report, German meteorologist Kai Zorn dumped a bucket of cold water on the alarmist doomsayers’ fantasies, pointing out that this year’s summer will very likely end up being close to normal in terms of temperature and rainfall, and that  Germans don’t have to worry at all about severe drought:

We don’t need to worry at all that drought and dryness are coming in the foreseeable future. That issue we can completely forgotten about this summer, the way things look now. It is completely irrelevant how this 1.8 meter depth appears.”

Zorn explains the 1.8 meter ground depth drought chart is designed to promote “artificial panic”, for 2 reasons:

“Firstly, these are values that have been calculated and not measured. And secondly, it takes weeks and months before it gets refilled again. But in the depth range where plants draw their water from, there’s enough there, and it’s going to stay that way.”

So what does it mean? It means the German media and alarmist authorities will now have to look elsewhere for extreme weather to fret about. This year Germany’s summer will end up being a bit warmer and with near normal rainfall.


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