Package Harington Has a Hilarious Response to This GoT Slot Machine

Jon Snow having a showdown with a new enemy? Well, if you’re in Las Vegas, that’s a now a thing.
During a recent trip to Sin City, Kit Harington, who played the King in the North, discovered the existence of a Game of Thrones slot machine and let’s just say, he was not too thrilled.

In a TikTok video—with 2 million views and counting—shared by his pal Rob McElhenney, a voiceover is heard saying, “When you realize your deal didn’t include merchandising rights.” The video then cuts to Kit looking glum and confused as he stares at the brightly lit machine. 

But, even more displeasure was coming. In another video, Rob asked Kit his honest thoughts on his new TikTok account, to which Kit frankly replied, “Isn’t that for kids?”

Which, like Rob, we have to disagree with. The clip then oh-so-perfectly cut to GoT’s Ygritte (a.k.a Rose Leslie, Kit’s offscreen wife) spewing off her infamous line: “You know nothing Jon Snow.”

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