Patrick Beverley apologizes for pushing Chris Paul on shedding Clippers: “Feelings have one of the best of me”

Patrick Beverley’s final act of the 2021 NBA playoffs wasn’t a smart one.

The Clippers point guard nudged Chris Paul hard from behind after a timeout was imposed in the Suns 130-103 win over the Clippers. The game was reviewed and the umpires found Beverley a technical foul.

He was also excluded from the competition.

Much was made of the whining between Paul and Beverley, and many wondered if Paul had said anything that caused Beverley to lose his temper. But in the end, Beverley knew he was wrong, and on Thursday he set out to make things right with Paul.

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Beverley tweeted an apology to Paul on Thursday afternoon. In the tweet, the Veteran Guard wrote that he “had the most emotions” during the incident.

@ CP3 emotions got the best out of me last night. My evil wasn’t meant for you. Congratulations on reaching the final. Good luck

– Patrick Beverley (@ patbev21) July 1, 2021

The apology is a kind gesture from Beverley, and Paul will likely appreciate it. But Beverley basically confirmed in his message what Jae Crowder was already insisting: The Suns broke the Clippers late.

“We knew they were broken. We know we broke them,” Suns striker Jae Crowder said of Beverley’s kick. “There is no better sign of defeat than right now. . . When we knew we’d won the game, we knew they’d break eventually. I think that’s basically what you saw guides in this locker room.

“And it’s a great feeling to have such a great feeling, especially in the playoffs.”

And that “great feeling” will carry over to the Suns when they go to the NBA Finals for the first time since 1993.

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