Peta Murgatroyd shares her fears of being pregnant after her miscarriages

“I’ve been so focused on having a kid for the last two years that it took everything away,” she admitted. “And once I let it go and came to terms with the fact that it could actually be, it could be a kid for me, that’s where it happened.”

And yet she continued: “I don’t like to say that because it doesn’t happen to a lot of women. I was lucky and thankful for that. I would get so annoyed if people said, “Just relax. Like, ‘Shut up, okay?’”

As she nears halftime and already feeling the first slight flutter (“I haven’t felt any big kicks yet, I think I’ll be in the next few weeks”), her excitement grows with her belly. Even more so when Shai asks to play music for the baby and talk to his little brother or sister.

Thanks to the arrival of his new cousin, Maks’ little brother, he is already gaining some experience with big brothers Val Khmerkovsky and woman Jenna Johnson greeted January 10: “I’m amazed at how gentle he is with babies,” Peta marveled. “He was holding Jenna and Val’s baby the other day and he loved it. He loved holding the paci in his mouth and it was just so good.”

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