Probably the most secure tech industries for job seekers in 2023

Talk of a tech recession and mass layoffs across the industry dominated the headlines in 2022.

And while certain areas have shrunk and companies have acted accordingly by reducing their workforce, various industries continue to go from strength to strength, fueled by growing demand for cloud-based technology, machine learning tools, blockchain technology and more strengthened Acceleration of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in our everyday lives.

The future of fintech

The last 12 months have shaken the fintech’s fundamentals – in May, Swedish BNPL fintech Klarna cut 10% of its workforce, and in November Stripe announced it was laying off 14% of its workforce, equivalent to about 1,120 of the leading fintech company – but despite these startling stats, the future of the sector looks bright for 2023 thanks to the rise of B2B fintech.

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In fact, according to data compiled by Dealroom, fintechs selling to businesses have attracted €13.1 billion in investment, compared to €3 billion for fintechs selling to consumers, the lowest figure B2Cs have achieved since 2015.

Cybersecurity is on the rise

The threat of online security breaches and hacking of personal data continues to preoccupy the sector, and cybersecurity is expected to grow 14% globally by 2029. The need for more secure networks is also fueling demand for cloud-based data security as many organizations move away from network-centric security toward a multi-cloud strategy with two or more vendors.

And the job market can’t keep up – 43% of companies worldwide are struggling to find top talent, meaning they’re relying even more heavily on automation and managed security tools.

A boost for the blockchain

Cryptocurrency has traditionally dominated the blockchain space. But with experts predicting that the sector will contribute €5.67 trillion to the global economy by 2030 due to the mass adoption of Web3.0, a strong component of which is decentralized finance, a career in blockchain is a sure bet.

This is further amplified by the penetration of technology into retail, media and entertainment. Market Research Future also predicts that decentralized finance will gain traction in the traditional banking, financial services and insurance sectors.

Artificial intelligence (AI) becomes reality

As machine learning and automation become increasingly important for service-oriented companies, sales of AI software are booming and expected to continue to grow.

According to data compiled by Gartner, the AI ​​software market has grown by 21% compared to 2021, and workers with AI experience, particularly those in senior or managerial positions, are in even greater demand.

AR/VR becomes everyday reality

While the metaverse still seems very far from completion, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) seem to be infiltrating our everyday lives, especially for remote workers who are expected to rely on AR and VR to engage with teams to join their own.

In financial terms, GlobalData is in line with the AR market, which will reach €56.83 billion in 2023 before reaching €315 billion by 2028.

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Raisin GmbH

Founded in 2012, Raisin GmbH is a fintech pioneer enabling financial institutions to build their own marketplaces while transforming their BaaS (Banking as a Service) solutions. In 2021, Raisin merged with leading B2B deposit platform Deposit Solutions to become one of Europe’s largest open banking fintechs, ensuring the company’s continued success in the future. If you are interested in joining the company in its fintech endeavors, visit the Raisin GmbH job board today.


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merchant republic

On a mission to democratize wealth, German securities trading platform and investment firm Trade Republic is using blockchain technology to enable clients to invest in stocks, EFTs and cryptocurrencies. The company is currently hiring across multiple sectors including Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, and Data Science. Learn more about joining the Talent Republic team now.

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