Professor Peter Ridd – The world’s coral reefs aren’t receding – Watt with it?

Australia’s climate realists

A Zoom lecture delivered on Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Professor Ridd reviews the latest data on the state of the world’s coral reefs which is extremely encouraging, particularly for the Great Barrier Reef, the largest single reef system with record high coral cover in 2022. There is a brief explanation of ‘bleaching’, a brilliant one Adaptation for corals to cope with warming or cooling temperatures. Finally, the topic of academic freedom and the general problem of freedom of speech and opinion at universities and the associated collapse of intellectual rigor will be briefly discussed and questions will be asked about our failing universities and scientific institutions.

Professor Peter Ridd is a geophysicist with over 100 publications and 35 years of experience working on the Great Barrier Reef; He developed a wide range of world-first optical and electronic instruments for measuring environmental conditions near coral and other ecosystems. He was a professor of physics at James Cook University in North Queensland for over a decade before being fired in 2018 for raising serious quality assurance issues in reef research. He challenged his dismissal from the university and won in principle in the High Court, but ultimately lost the case on appeal on formal grounds. He now volunteers his time at the Institute of Public Affairs to improve quality assurance systems of the ‘science’ used by Australian governments to make environmental laws and regulations. He also runs the Reef Rebels’ YouTube channel.

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