Prosecutors drop fees towards YK Osiris for allegedly assaulting girlfriend at dwelling (replace)

TSR Updatez: Prosecutors have declined to currently bring charges against YK Osiris after an incident involving an alleged domestic attack on his then-girlfriend in Atlanta took place in 2019.

YK Osiris was arrested in November 2019 for allegedly strangling his girlfriend at a party. According to TMZ, the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office says that although Atlanta Police had a likely reason to arrest him at the time, the prosecution decided not to bring charges at the time.

It was not immediately clear why the prosecution was not pursuing the case. YK Osiris has protested his innocence since the alleged incident in September 2019.

Shortly after his arrest, sources close to the situation told us that there were witnesses who would swear Osiris’ innocence and that there was possible evidence to exonerate him.

The officers did not comment on whether or not they saw the alleged evidence. YK Osiris’ ex-girlfriend has not publicly addressed the matter.

In a statement, Osiris attorney Gabe Banks said, “YK Osiris was given informed consent and was recently released from Fulton County Jail over the weekend. YK Osiris protests his innocence and looks forward to his day in court to defend himself against all allegations against him. YK Osiris would like to thank his family, friends and all of his fans for their continued support. “

Apparently, the prosecutor’s office was in a similar situation with Trippie Redd last week and decided to bring charges against him over an alleged attack that occurred in Atlanta in 2018, according to TMZ.

We will keep you informed of any updates with this one.

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