Queen Naija and Clarence White have put an finish to dishonest hypothesis

Social Media Personality Chris Sails took to the internet with some current claims Clarence White allegedly cheating Queen Naija. The result is that Chris – who has a son with Queen, his ex-wife – is firmly in the hot seat!

Chris Sails says Queen Naija “knows” about Clarence’s alleged antics

The whole situation started when Chris opened up about the couple’s relationship on YouTube over the weekend, while answering some “juicy questions.”

At one point in the video, Chris asked a question regarding Clarence’s allegiance to Queen Naija. Sails, on the other hand, did not hold back with his opinion.

“Someone asked me, ‘Do you think Clarence is loyal to the Queen?’ I personally? NO.”

He said he “heard stories” before revealing that Clarence allegedly disappeared with “some girls” at a yacht party hosted by Kai Cenat.

Chris also noted that he believes Clarence is cheating since he’s stuck and “being a stay-at-home mom.”

“Since she’s gone all the time and he’s a stay-at-home mom, I don’t think he’s faithful.”

Finally he announced: “I know she knows that too.”

Clarence White rejects the speculation

Upon learning of the comments, Clarence took to Twitter, noting that Sails “hates” him. He also safely added that the entire claim was “so crazy.”

“I’ve heard rumors and stories it’s so crazy lol he fucking hates me [laughing emoji].”

As for the “Medicine” singer, she apparently responded to the mess by cryptically tweeting: “I’m excited when I blow off the steam because I know something great is coming after.”

OT Genasis bumps into Chris

We must also add that there was a bit of drama in the comments section below The Shade Room’s Instagram post on the subject.

OT Genesis I specifically took a moment to refer to Chris as “a real prick”.

Chris Sails in turn stated: “We can box and see who the real B is.”

He also referred to OT’s previous altercations with DDG by declaring that he belongs to a completely different race. Oops!

How do you assess the overall situation?

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