Queen Naija explains why Chris Sails sees her son solely with restricted visits

On Wednesday, Chris Sails went to Twitter and posted a message that he couldn’t see his son CJ, whom he shares with Queen Naija.

He tweeted, “You’re breaking someone’s heart, that’s one thing. But trying to take the child away and give him a limited time to spend a month for a month is absolutely wrong. “He continued,” Smh … it’s fathers who don’t want to be in children’s life at all. I think I get that. “

Shortly after Queen Naija stepped into the shadow room and made it clear that Chris should be lucky enough to still be able to see his son after some situations that have taken place.

She wrote: “[Hat emoji] He sees his son at least a week a month. He’s pissed off that he only has one month in summer. “Queen Naija continued,” Because of the situations CJ has come into in the care of his father and the evidence I have on my files. I am very forgiving, so let’s be light. I protect my son. I hate when people play victims. “

She added, “Plus, anyone with their 2 cents could save it because you just talk about what you’ve seen without knowing there’s more. Aside from being a parent, you set a good example. “

If you remember, last year Chris was arrested for assault while his son was with him. Queen Naija then posted a post on social media and deleted that she was looking for her son’s whereabouts as she did not know where he was at the time. Fortunately, she was able to find CJ safe and sound.

Hopefully these two can form a healthy co-parenting relationship.

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