Really feel so single with Ciara and Russell Wilson’s {couples} quiz

Ciara and husband Russell Wilson just sit in place.

In a new video for GQ, the Level Up artist and quarterback from Seattle Seahawks, who married in 2016 and share two children, tested each other’s knowledge of their favorite subjects: each other.

Ciara grilled her husband where the couple’s first date was, to which he replied. The Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica.

“There’s a little corner we sat at,” said Russell. “I took you there recently for our anniversary. That was our first little date and it was the best day of my life because I knew you would be the one.”

Of course, Ciara gave Russell a full point for his thoughtful response.

When it came time for Russell to ask the difficult questions, he asked his wife, “What is my greatest fear?”

She replied, “Not to be prepared” before Russell said that there is one thing that is even bigger: losing Ciara. (Cue the “Awwws!”

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