Russian internet bots trigger local weather activists to struggle one another – what is the level?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to Michael Mann, the main obstacle to climate action is a coalition of Russian robots, Saudis, fossil fuel tycoons, Rupert Murdoch, Wikileaks and climate deniers.

Climatologist Michael E Mann: “Good people fall victim to extinction. I do it too sometimes’

Jonathan Watts
@ Jonathanwatt
Sun 28 Feb 2021 03.00 AEDT

The author and eminent climate researcher on the new tactics of deniers and why positive changes feel closer than in 20 years

Who is the enemy in the new climate war?
There are interests in fossil fuels, climate change deniers, conservative media magnates who work with petrostate actors like Saudi Arabia and Russia. I call this the coalition of the unwilling.

If you had to find a single face that represents both the old and new climate wars, it would be Rupert Murdoch. Climate change is a topic that the Murdoch press has grappled with for years. The disinformation was evident last year when they blamed arsonists for the devastating Australian bushfires. This was a terrible attempt to divert attention from the root cause, climate change. Murdoch was confronted by his own son for the immorality of his practices.

We also need to recognize the increasing role of petrostate actors. Saudi Arabia has played an obstructive role. Russia has perfected cyber warfare and used it to meddle in other countries and disrupt action against climate change. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has made credible arguments for Russia’s efforts to hijack the 2016 presidential election and elect Trump. Russia wanted to end the US sanctions that stood in the way of a half-trillion dollar deal between Rosneft and ExxonMobil. It worked. Who did Trump appoint as his first Secretary of State? Rex Tillerson, the former CEO of ExxonMobil.

today Russia is using cyberware – bot armies and trolls – to trick climate activists into fighting each other and spreading arguments on social media. Russian trolls have tried to undermine carbon prices in Canada and Australia, and Russian fingerprints were found during the yellow vest protests in France

And WikiLeaks? Your book suggests you were involved?
I’m not an expert, but there was a lot of investigative journalism about the role they played in the 2016 election. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks helped Donald Trump get elected, doing Putin’s bid in the process. Your fingerprints can be found all over the climate 10 years ago. British investigators have evidence of Russian involvement also in it.

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I have news for you man, climate activists don’t need our help to argue. Just look at the battle between Michael Moore and the rest of the climate community over his eco-epic “Planet of the People” versus renewable energies. Or that fun time Naomi Oreskes called James Hansen a “denier” because of disagreements about nuclear power.

Of course, it helps that Michael Moore is part of the Climate Denier conspiracy. Moore’s insider attack “Planet der Menschen” against renewable energies and the climate establishment was masked by Maskirova.

The truth is that the previous paragraph is a joke. As far as I know, Michael Moore is not a fossil fuel agent. But do climate activists trust me to tell the truth? Perhaps some of them think I am mocking climate activists by showing a snippet of the truth, then laughing at it and expecting no one to believe my revelation.

What do you think Michael Mann?

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