Savannah Chrisley reveals she’s courting 2 years after ending engagement

Savannah further noted how she recently received negative comments for taking a two-day trip to New York without her younger siblings. Grayson16 and chloe, 10, who she has custody of while her parents are in prison. “I make sure someone is with them at all times,” she said of the current custody situation, “and I’m sorry that I’ve done something for myself for the first time in 40 days.”

Facing a new lifestyle as guardian of her siblings, Savannah praised single mothers. “Now I see it, single moms, how do you do it? For them, it’s just a package deal. ‘You want to go to dinner? These two are coming,’” she said. “That’s what you’re getting yourself into. Guess what? There are two children, my parents are not in the best place in the world right now. You know everything, 110 percent transparency. If you’re in, you’re in. If you’re out, you’re out.”

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