Soulja Boy Exchanges Phrases With Man Who Known as Him Out

Soulja Boy is known for doing many things: the first to have an iPhone, the first rapper to sell a tweet, and more. However, yesterday he was called out for being the first rapper to allegedly purchase fake jewelry from a store in the middle of the mall. While in Las Vegas, Soulja was secretly recorded by a man who goes by the name of World Tour Woo on Instagram. In the viral clip, Woo called out Soulja and had the innanet in a frenzy.


Soulja wasted no time and quickly responded to the allegations by saying that it wasn’t true and showing the “proof” that the jewelry was actually real. While at the booth, he showed the paperwork that claims to show the jewelry as authentic. On his Instagram story, he shared a video saying, “Walk in that same jewelry store in the mall and try to buy the Cartier ni**a. It cost $35,000, the Rolex $30,000.” He continued saying they sell real jewelry in the mall and that the man was clout chasing.

After sharing Soulja’s response, some Roommates felt like it wasn’t their business to know this information, including Tank. He stepped into The Shade Room and commented, ” That’s that man’s business.” Soulja wasn’t finished there. He ended up going live with the man to exchange a few words. Things escalated quickly once Woo told Soulja to meet him in Compton. Soulja wasn’t here for it and quickly got on Woo about not being from “his hood.”

Woo didn’t back down after the live. He ended up sharing another video back at the jewelry store and speaking to an alleged employee who confirmed that some of the jewelry sold there was real and some weren’t.

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