Sure Morant’s father says Three banned jazz followers made lewd, racist remarks throughout the second recreation in Utah

The three fans, who were indefinitely banned from Utah Jazz, were vulgar and racist about Ja Morant’s parents, the father of the Memphis Grizzlies Star Guard told ESPN.

A statement by Jazz quoted a “verbal argument” that took place during the 141-129 victory for Utah at Vivint Arena Wednesday night in Game 2 of a first-round playoff series. However, Tee Morant said there were three separate incidents involving male jazz fans. On top of that, everyone was quickly taken care of by arena security.

“I know about heckling,” said Tee Morant in a telephone interview with ESPN on Thursday evening. “We did that the whole game. But that’s different from heckling. It’s downright disrespectful. That was too far from the line. You don’t say anything like that. It’s more than heckling.”

Ja Morant agreed to Utah’s decision to ban fans in a tweet posted later Thursday, writing, “My family should be able to [to] cheer me and my teammates on without being inappropriate s — said to them. “

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Morant went on to write that his family told him that they “felt the love of all the other jazz fans who were around them” and that it was only the three fans who “went too far”.

Tee Morant said a fan made a sexually explicit comment to his wife, Jamie. Tee Morant, who sat a few seats down, confronted the man before security de-escalated the situation and kicked out the jazz fan.

According to Tee Morant, another jazz fan said to him, “I’ll stick a nickel in your back and see you dance, boy.” Several other jazz fans who had been talking to the Morants and their family friends about being in a good mood confronted this fan and alerted security. Tee Morant said he was shocked that the expelled jazz fan made such a comment with the man’s little daughter by his side.

The third fan to be ejected yelled at Jamie Morant, “Shut up, b —-” said Tee Morant.

“The Utah Jazz has no tolerance for abusive or disruptive behavior,” said Jazz in a statement Thursday. “Last night, there was an incident involving a verbal argument during Match 2. Arena security intervened and the investigation resulted in three jazz fans being removed and banned indefinitely.

“We apologize to everyone who was affected by this unfortunate incident and condemn unacceptable fan behavior.”

Jazz owner Ryan Smith spoke to the Grizzlies and Morant family on Twitter and wrote that the franchise was “embarrassed and sad”.

“Utah Jazz has no tolerance for abusive behavior,” Smith wrote in his tweet. “We are committed to a respectful and competitive environment.”

The jazz guard Donovan Mitchell also supported the bans and described the actions of the fans as “ridiculous”.

“I’m glad these fans have been banned and they are never allowed to go back … that’s ridiculous !!!” Mitchell wrote on Twitter. “The fact that these words are being passed on to players and their families is ridiculous! Enough is enough, smh!”

Ja Morant, who scored 47 points in the defeat – a franchise playoff record – tweeted the hashtag “#protectourplayers” shortly after Game 2.

The incident was the third of the NBA playoff games on Wednesday night that resulted in fans being banned from the arenas, leading to statements from the NBA and their players union.

Tee Morant didn’t take part in Game 1 of the Grizzlies because he was celebrating his mother’s birthday with her, but he said a jazz fan had “Boy!” with his son during the series opening game in Salt Lake City. Yes Morant replied by pointing to the fan.

“I think they exchanged words, but it wasn’t that bad,” said Tee Morant.

Tee Morant said he was satisfied with the response from arena security and the jazz organization to the incidents. He said he was “able to clear my mind and speak again to the big fans” who were seated around her.

“We joked with a group of fans around us the whole game,” said Tee Morant, who is known for cheering his son on loudly and proudly and often exchanging good-natured trash talks with fans on the street. “We had a good time.”

At the end of the game, one of the friendly fans said, according to Tee Morant, “We hope you’ll be back Wednesday, Tee.”

Tee Morant’s answer: “You should better know that when we get 3-1 and you close I’ll be back.”

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