That is Prince Louis’ world and the royals solely reside in it

Unfortunately, the children’s first official day at their new school was September 8, their great-grandmother’s day Queen Elizabeth the second died, so Kate did not immediately accompany William to Balmoral in Scotland, where family members flocked after hearing the monarch’s health was failing.

After dropping off and picking up the kids, Kate joined the rest of the royals. (No word on whether Louis — who by the age of 20 months, his mother said in 2019, loved to insist “me, me, me” and wanted to go anywhere with her — had any first-day jitters.)

In greeting those who had come to pay their respects outside Windsor Castle on September 10, Kate was heard saying: “My little Louis, he’s so sweet, he’s like, ‘Mom, don’t worry, she is now with great grandfather. ‘”

As this preciousness leaked, Kate added, “It just shows you how special she was to everyone, all generations.”

And that Louis is obviously an empath who is wise beyond his years. (But being only 4 years old, he stayed at home while George and Charlotte attended the Queen’s funeral at Westminster Abbey with their parents. Aware there was a disturbance in the troupe, Louis enquired Also reportedly whether their trips to Balmoral Castle would have been any different without Gan -Gan there.)

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