The Anafi Ai Drone is the Google Maps automotive of the skies

The popularity of drones has exploded, but their range often leaves something to be desired. Midrange drones can reach a range of up to 1.5 miles, while high-end consumer drones can reach up to 4.3 miles. Distance was the limit of true freedom – until now. The new Parrot Anafi Ai drone uses 4G connectivity to remove all range restrictions.

You can precisely control the drone from any distance, no line of sight is required and obstacles do not interfere with the connection. Thanks to the embedded secure element, the connection between your phone and your drone is encrypted. This provides comprehensive data protection and reduces the risk of someone hacking and stealing the drone.

The Anafi Ai drone is notable for another reason: It is the first drone in the industry to make its pilot application open source. Parrot offers a software development kit that allows developers to create custom code for the drone. This opens up its flight sensors, obstacle avoidance sensors, and more to customization, which means that the potential of the custom software is only limited by the imagination of the developers.

The Anafi Ai has a 48-megapixel main camera and a 4K 60 frames per second / HDR10-capable camera for detailed aerial photos and video recordings. Designed for photographers, the drone can record amazing videos thanks to the stabilization around its 4K camera. The HDR10 capability means that even high-contrast areas are clearly captured. The camera has a 6x digital zoom; According to Parrot, users can see 1-centimeter details from 75 meters away. The gimbal tilt allows the camera to be adjusted from -90 degrees to 90 degrees along its axis.

Improved artificial intelligence can use photogrammetry to automatically generate flight plans and improve productivity. Professional drone operators can use this function to create flight plans based on a building’s land register. Essentially, the drone can create a 3D map and follow it to better avoid obstacles while flying. You can think of it as similar to those Google Maps cars you might see on the road, but for the sky.

No subscription is required. Any SIM card that can send data will work to control the drone. The Anafi Ai is easy to use, folds up for easy storage, and can be set up and ready to use in just a minute. Perhaps just as important is that it is rainproof. You can fly when it is wet and your photos will still look good even in strong winds. The gimbal ensures sharp photos in cross winds of up to 12.7 meters per second.

The Anafi Ai should appear in the second half of 2021. A price has not yet been named.

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