The Baltimore Ravens offensive strikes towards Orlando Brown and examines buying and selling alternatives

Representatives of the Baltimore Ravens offensive against Orlando Brown have begun exploring trading opportunities as he considers a full-time role in left-wing attacks, a source told ESPN Thursday.

The Ravens are well aware of these plans, the source said, as they appreciate the three-year-old starter and pro bowler but are open to discussions about his future.

Baltimore drafted Brown in 2018 to play the right tackle against the left tackle Ronnie Stanley, who was signed for a five-year extension of $ 98.75 million in October. When Stanley suffered a broken and slipped ankle in week 8 of last season, Brown has been well beaten in the left tackle in the last 10 regular season games and playoffs, and a solid grade of en route to a second straight Pro Bowl Score 76.4 Pro Football Focus.

Brown made his feelings clear in late September with a simple tweet: “I’m a leftist attacker.”

The 6-foot-8 Brown is a former third-round tip that should be free to choose in 2022.

The ravens are known to be aggressive in the trading market. You acquired the Calais Campbell and Yannick Ngakoue defense lines last year through contracts with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Minnesota Vikings.

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