The California Coastal Fee goes berserk and requires a future hype about sea stage rise on the coast – watts with the?

Guest contribution by Larry Hamlin

The California Coastal Commission has determined that the state must plan for at least a 3.5-foot rise in coastline sea level over the next 30 years.

This ridiculous rate of coastal sea level rise is 26 times higher than the rate of coastal sea level rise measured from NOAA tide gauges over the past 30 years at numerous coastal locations, including 7 locations with between 75 and 115 years of continuous NOAA was tide meter data on sea level rise on the coast, showing that these places average of only 1.6 inches of sea level rise on the coast in the next 30 years – not 3.5 feet!!

In addition, the long-term NOAA coastal measurement data measurements show that despite ridiculous, flawed, and erroneous claims, there has been no acceleration (rates of coastal sea level rise) in coastal sea level for the past 30 years (and more) through otherwise Climate alarm models that have been shown to be completely wrong on the basis of actual data measurements.

These idiotic plans by the Commission to mandate a minimum of 3.5 feet (or worse as the report suggests below) over the next 30 years threatens to impose massive bureaucracy and waste trillions of dollars in unnecessary spending and the economy of the State endangering viability.

NOAA coastal sea level rise tide level data for California, as shown below with data from San Diego and San Francisco, shows a constant rise in territorial sea level (no rise in sea level rise over time) of only about 2 mm / year in these locations, no 35.5mm / year as prescribed by the Coastal Commission bureaucracy.

The California Coastal Commission is simply out of control and operates in a completely incompetent manner based on its reliance on unscientific and purely speculative, alarmist propaganda of the Coastal Sea Level Rise Climate Model, while keeping measured, consistent and tremendously lower coastal sea level rates completely ignored and obscured Ascension that represents more than 100 years of California history.

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