The Dutch startup needs to affect machines on an industrial scale

Netherlands-based Eleo is on a mission to accelerate the transition to a fossil-free future. How? Well, by providing high-tech batteries for the machines and vehicles that are the most difficult to electrify.

This includes above all industrial and off-highway machines in construction, agriculture and forestry – but also electromobility, which ranges from freight and last-mile delivery vehicles to ships.

Eleo started as a student team at Eindhoven University of Technology and was founded in 2017. Since then, the company has been developing and manufacturing its own battery systems that offer a high level of performance and flexibility.

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Specifically, the startup offers modular batteries that are scalable in size, voltage, and capacity to meet customer-specific requirements. Users can also ensure battery packs are achieving optimal performance through Eleo’s proprietary battery management system (BMS), which provides estimates of state of charge (SOC), state of health (SOH) and state of charge. Performance (SOP).

Eleo’s battery pack. Credit: Eleo

Another product advantage the company offers is its “plug & play” nature, meaning that the batteries are fully certified, tested and delivered ready for direct installation.

The startup is now planning to increase its production capacity tenfold with its new plant on the Automotive Campus in Helmond, which was inaugurated by King Willem-Alexander last Thursday.

The new 3,000 m² Building will be responsible for the fully automated assembly of battery modules. It will also include a research center and development labs to advance current battery technology.

Overall, the plant will increase annual production capacity tenfold and reach around 10,000 battery packs – which together can store around 500 MWh of electricity. Eleo also expects to expand its workforce from 60 to 200 employees within two years.

“The trend towards zero emissions is already well underway in the automotive industry,” said Bas Verkaik, co-founder of Eleo, in a statement. “Electric cars are already well known, but electrically operated construction machines are not. In construction, electrification is not that far along. We want to initiate and enable this development with our batteries.”

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