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Guest contribution by Eric Worrall

Proponents say that unions’ awareness of workers being fired via text message mid-project is undermining the promise of green energy for safer jobs. But some government jobs in green energy are secure.

Clean energy can create good and safe jobs, but can industry convince workers?


Union leader Michele O’Neill said the clean energy industry needs to do more to communicate its vision for the gold class, secure jobs with attractive salaries, and build worker confidence in the industry.

Speaking at a Clean Energy Council Event together with DR Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest, Dr. Rebecca Huntley and other experts, the President of the Australian Union Council urged the renewable energy industry to do more to get workers on board.

“What is your vision to make renewable energy the best place to work in the country, attract workers with high-paying conditions and build confidence that workers can rely on these jobs in the future?” O’Neill pressed on the panel.

“The renewable energy industry needs workers in its corner to achieve the extent it needs to solve the climate crisis.”

she said Job security remains an industry concern as the unions know that large solar projects are finishing construction in the middle and are texting employees to notify them of their dismissal. That’s not to say it doesn’t get paid well secure jobs in the industry, she said, even within the public energy suppliers in Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia.

“With no transition plans developed and funded by the government, we are asking workers to take a big leap of faith, and that is an unreasonable demand.”

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If workers just ignored the reality of large-scale project failure and job instability and joined in the glorious vision of transitioning to clean energy, they would understand that their jobs are indeed truly safe. Oh, and the government needs to put more money into training programs.


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