The ravens proposed a daring and thrilling change to the additional time guidelines referred to as “Spot and Select”.

The NFL hasn’t had a massive rule change in a while, but the Ravens plan to change that.

According to ProFootballTalk (citing multiple sources) the Ravens plan to propose two rule changes to the “Spot and Choose” concept. Let’s summarize what that means.

Job: A team chooses where the ride begins.

Choose: The other team decides whether to play offensively or defensively.

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The two proposals are both based on this concept, but the difference is how overtime is supposed to end. One suggestion is sudden death, which means that any team to score first would win the game. The other suggestion is to add extra time at 7:30 AM, and whoever is in the lead at the end of the period wins the game.

According to ProFootballTalk, one of the sources “involved in developing the proposal” came from a 2003 article on football underdogs written by Michael David Smith. While there are some changes between the two (Smith’s suggestion is more the impetus than the drive itself), the idea behind both is the same.

This is what Smith wrote at the time:

So there is a point, probably somewhere between the 30 yard line and the 50 yard line, at which the benefit of overtime with sudden death would actually switch from the receiving team to the kicking team. Where is that point? It doesn’t really matter. We could just let the teams decide for themselves.

Part of the fun with this proposal is that both teams have a say in what happens. There is a strategy in both decisions instead of just giving the ball to one team because a coin toss said so.

Assuming you are playing KC: where would you see the ball so that they * are * forced * to play defense? The 5? If they then decide to play offensively anyway and score and win, we wouldn’t blame randomness as much as we did with the current setup, right?

– Mina Kimes (@minakimes) March 4, 2021

Another reason fans seem to enjoy this suggestion is that it is something else. We have seen several variations of overtime in football, from college rules to the XFL to the AAF to the FCF and more. Every league has a different interpretation of how overtime should be handled.

The Ravens rules change will be proposed at the NFL owners’ meeting, which will be held practically March 30-31. For the rule to be met, 24 team owners must approve it.

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