The Reality About Camilla’s Life Earlier than Her Marriage to King Charles III

Until then, thanks to the combined efforts of Camilla and Andrew, Tom and Laura Parker Bowles thought they had a perfectly happy family. They also got along great with Charles, whom they had known all their lives.

After the Morton book came out, the Queen insisted that Diana and Charles embark on a planned trip to Korea together in November. When they returned, Diana refused to drop William and Harry off at Charles’s for a planned weekend of filming with various friends, including Andrew and Camilla. It was an annual outing and the boys looked forward to it – afterward Charles was furious.

That was the last straw, and on December 9, 1992, Britain became Prime Minister John Major announced in the House of Commons that the Prince and Princess of Wales had split. Their official split followed the split from Prince Andrew And Sarah Ferguson and Princess Anne and Mark Phillips’ divorce earlier this year. (Anne then married Timothy Laurence on Dec. 12)

In January 1993, the Daily Mirror published snippets of leaked telephone conversations between Charles and Camilla, the infamous “Camillagate” or, less sensitively, “Tampongate”, due to the Prince’s express wish to “live inside”. [Camilla’s] pants or something.”

“What do you want to turn into, a pair of knickers?” She joked as they both laughed, according to reports of the conversation, which you could also dial a phone number and listen to at the time, courtesy of the tabloids. “Oh, you’ll come back in knickers.”

“Or, God forbid, a tampax,” he joked. “Only my luck!” Camilla joked back: “You’re a complete idiot. Oh what a wonderful idea!”

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