The Summer season I Turned Fairly: The Greatest Ebook Adjustments of Season Two

“I would like. I want it to be with you.”

And with these 10 words, The Summer I Turned Pretty’s entire career changed when the decision was made to go with Belly (Lola Tung) to lose her virginity to Conrad (Christopher Briney) marked one of the Amazon Prime Video TV series’ biggest departures from jenny hans books.

While the couple also staged a secret visit to cousins ​​on the page over the Christmas period, Belly and Conrad didn’t have sex. But in the second episode it is revealed that the couple is intimate in front of the fireplace for the first time. “Conrad, it’s just you,” she says afterwards to a sleeping Conrad. “It was always you.” Of course, that makes their relationship — which never achieved the official distinction between boyfriend and girlfriend in the book as it does on screen — that much more serious, and their eventual breakup all the more devastating.

“It was a big change from the books,” Christopher told E! News’ Erin Lim the sex scene. “It definitely surprised me.”

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