three issues you are able to do to face out in a job interview

Congratulations! You’ve just gotten an interview for a position you really want…although now comes the hard part. The interview is widely considered to be the most daunting phase of the entire job search and frankly, it can be overwhelming, nerve-wracking and downright awkward, especially if you haven’t put in the preparation and practice.

Lucky for you, we’ve narrowed down the top three things you need to do to stand out in any job interview. You can thank us later when you get the gig.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

You’d be surprised how many people fail the first hurdle because they didn’t even bother to check out the company’s website first. amateurs

In fact, this is one of the most common reasons candidates are rejected – because they have little or no knowledge of the company they want to work for. Before you do anything else, do your research.

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Check out the organization’s website and social media presence and learn about its history, customer base, mission, vision, and other aspects of the business. Better yet, jot down the points that really speak to you and your experiences, and bring them into the conversation skillfully.

Tell them a story about you

Truly standing out from the crowd of candidates takes more than preparation and practice. If you want to be hired, you must frame your narrative and tell a compelling story about why you are the perfect person for the role.

If the interviewer says, “Tell me about yourself…” don’t rattle off what’s on your resume—rest assured they’ve already read it. Instead, use this as an opportunity to tell them who you are, what you value, and how both align with the larger mission of the team or organization.

Personal narratives are a powerful tool to capture the attention of any audience and ensure you’re remembered for the right reasons.

Ask thoughtful questions

“So, do you have any questions for me?”

You’ve reached the sharp end in an interview where the interviewer has finished his questions and is now turning the tables – then you don’t want to be surprised, you want to shine. It’s important to have a plan for how you will respond and a list of questions specific to the opportunity.

Here are some good examples that you can personalize.

  1. What are your expectations of me in this role?
  2. What is the most important thing I should accomplish in the first 90 days?
  3. What are the biggest challenges I might face in this position?
  4. Can you tell me something about the team I will be working with?
  5. What metrics or goals will my performance be measured against?

Now that you’re ready for an interview, here are three great jobs to apply for now.

Mid-level software engineer (remote), Roomex, Dublin, London, Berlin

Roomex is dedicated to building the leading platform for businesses to book, manage and pay for all their employee travel. You will work as a mid-level software engineer as part of the Roomex engineering team on a product used by thousands of companies worldwide. You’ll work on exciting challenges that impact customers and get the opportunity to acquire cutting-edge skills in a fast-paced startup environment. You are the type of person who is passionate about building, learning and refining code/projects. You are a creator and problem solver who sees what others do not see. And you like to be a team player and like to work independently. If that sounds like the job for you, then you can read all about it here.

Data Analyst, Octopus Energy, Brighton

Help Octopus Energy make a big green dent in the universe. It’s on a mission to power the global renewable energy revolution, and it needs more people to turn its vision into reality. Octopus Energy is looking for a highly organized Data Analyst with excellent analytical skills to join its growing team in Brighton. The focus of the role is responsibility for creating and developing reports, providing insights to enable informed decisions and helping engineers deliver the excellent customer experience that Octopus Energy expects. Sounds like your ally? You can apply here.

Internal Audit Manager, HelloFresh, Berlin

HelloFresh wants to change the way people eat forever. In the last 10 years his mission has spread across the world and beyond his wildest dreams. Today it is a global food solutions group and the world’s leading meal kit company, operating in 18 countries on three continents. An Internal Audit Manager is now being sought to join the Global Internal Audit Team to support the Head of Internal Audit, the Audit Committee, the Board and senior management. As part of your responsibilities as an Audit Manager, you will plan, conduct, report and track audits to assess internal controls, reporting systems and compliance processes. If you are interested in this role, you can find more information here.

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