Tia Mowry’s private Kryptonite is deliciously relatable

Tia Mowry has quite a sweet tooth.

The actress is just as talented in the kitchen as she is on screen, teaching fans her latest recipes on her YouTube channel, Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix. So when she was asked to post her personal kryptonite on E! News’ Daily Pop, it’s no surprise it’s one of her favorite pastries.

“It has to be food, and I’m going to say red velvet cupcakes,” she told Daily Pop’s exclusively Francesca Amiker on the September 8 episode of the series, adding, “I’m going to booze and booze [a.k.a. glutton] until I get sick.”

Always on the lookout for a good sweet treat, Tia also tries new things in the kitchen and has the perfect taste testers right at home: her children Cree11 and Cairo Hardrict4 that she shares with her husband Cory Hardrikt.

“I feel like when they say, ‘Mmm mom, that’s good,’ then I’m like, ‘Okay, that’s good,'” shared the 44-year-old. “You will not lie. The children tell the truth.”

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