We should demand an indication challenge of an influence grid primarily based primarily on renewable energies


Franz Menton

Could anyone be stupid enough to think that wind and solar generators can provide consumers with reliable electricity that is cheaper than fossil fuel electricity? One hardly needs to think about it to realize that wind and sun do not work when there is no wind and darkness, as is often the case, and especially in winter when it is also generally cold. Therefore, a wind/solar power system requires full backup or alternatively storage – things that increase and multiply costs. Certainly our political leaders and top energy gurus are fully aware of these things and would not attempt to mislead the public about the cost of power from a predominantly wind/solar system.

If you’re thinking that, you must have missed yesterday’s State of the Union address. President Biden isn’t the only one peddling the absurd fantasy of cheap wind and solar power either. The internet is full of seemingly authoritative voices confidently claiming that wind and solar generators are the answer to providing consumers with cheaper electricity.

The reference to failed experiments from places like Germany, Britain and California doesn’t seem to resonate. We must require a working demonstration project of a full wind/solar system so that the full cost can be shown for all to see.

This is how President Biden spoke last night about his grand plans for green energy.

You see, the Anti-Inflation Act is also the most significant investment ever to deal with the climate crisis. Lowering electricity billscreate American jobs and lead the world to a clean energy future.

It contradicts reality so spectacularly that just calling it a “lie” doesn’t do it nearly justice. In Germany and the UK, energy transition fantasies have led to electricity bills three and more times the US average and rising, plunging millions of tariff payers into fuel poverty. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why costs are skyrocketing. They can build thousands of wind turbines and solar panels, but they can’t get rid of any of the ready power plants because they are all needed as a backup. So now they are paying for two double systems. Then they have to pay the shippable assets enough to cover their half-time capital cost. Then they have to buy the fossil fuels to reserve on spot markets, where production has been suppressed by bans on fracking, for example.

But as I said, it’s not just President Biden who’s too stupid to find out. Consider Mark Z. Jacobson, Stanford professor and tireless promoter of his EWS system (water, wind, and sun) as the “low-cost” way of the future. No amount of exposure of Jacobson’s models can stop him from endlessly repeating the same ridiculous claims. Just yesterday he got another shot in the Guardian with the headline ‘We don’t need ‘miracle’ technologies to fix the climate. We now have the tools”:

Wind, water and solar energy is cheap, effective and green. We don’t need experimental or risky energy sources to save our planet.

Jacobson continues with endless mumbo-jumbo about how his fantasy system can deliver power at a low cost. Abstract:

In combination with electricity storage, heat storage, cold storage and hydrogen storage; Techniques to encourage people to delay the timing of their electricity consumption (Demand Response); a well-connected electrical transmission system; and sophisticated and efficient electrical appliances such as heat pumps, induction hobs, electric vehicles and electric ovens for industry, WWS can solve the gigantic problems of climate change worldwide at low cost.

Is there anything like a demonstration project of any scale – small, medium or large – to justify these claims that such a future system would be “low cost”? Absolutely not. I would say that anyone with half a brain knows that Jacobson is a charlatan. But then we have our President, not to mention the entire federal bureaucracy backed by trillions of dollars in annual taxpayers who believe his nonsense.

No one would be happier than me to see a demonstration project being built to show that wind and solar can reliably provide electricity at low cost. Unfortunately I know too much on the subject to believe that this is likely or even remotely possible.

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