What Helped Tom Pelphrey & Kaley Cuoco Go away Their Daughter for Date Night time

“I was looking forward to it,” Tom previously told E! news of paternity. “They obviously have an idea of ​​what it could be and how cool it could be. Nothing compares to the actual feeling. It’s so wild.”

In fact, Tom said he “dipped right in” and quickly learned all the tips and tricks of parenting. “I changed all the diapers in the hospital. Kaley was happy about that,” he recalls. “It was amazing in a surprising, beautiful and magical way how intuitively I felt I understood how to care for this baby and what it needs.”

And though Matilda had her “fussy” moments, the Ozark grad shared the second, “She makes these little noises and coos, your heart just melts.”

“All I want to do is sit at home with Kaley and the baby and never leave the house,” he added. “It’s a miracle. We are so happy.”

Love & Death premieres April 27 on HBO Max.

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