What it is like to specific your self as a black individual in Bachelor Nation

While she now has almost two million followers after her promised time as a Bachelorette, Tayshia Adams noted the undeniable inequality between the number of supporters for whites and the BIPOC candidates as they fought for them Colton UnderwoodHeart in 2019.

Although I made it to the last three, “I was easily one of the girls with the lowest number of followers compared to the girls who were in week five or six,” Adams told E! News in a recent interview. “I had a lot more airtime, my family was involved, I had little one-on-one conversations and dates, we actually had a connection and other girls had followers with no quotes. I definitely saw that.”

And it’s not just the female color candidates who have seen this divide.

Just look at Adams’ last four men: While white finalists Zach Clark, Ben Smith and Brendan Morais All have over 300,000 followers. Ivan Hallwho is black has 162,000.

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