What’s subsequent for Kelsey Owens after leaving Siesta Key?

Kelsey Owens is ready to spread her wings and fly away from the drama.

On the December 22 episode of Siesta Key: Miami Moves, the reality star confirmed that he will be a co-star Madison Hausburg that she would be leaving the show after five seasons.

“I kept thinking more and more,” she said. “I love this group so much…but I’ve decided I think I’m done with the show. It’s scary, but I know it’s time.”

Kelsey revealed she found a house to share with her boyfriend Max Stark in Florida. She also received confirmation from her husband that he is ready for a future engagement.

“I grew up on the show, but I’m ready,” Kelsey said. “I’m so damn excited to be in a home and starting a family with my boyfriend – hopefully soon to be fiancé. I’m ready to move forward from all of this.”

Madisson, who has appeared on the show with Kelsey since it premiered in 2017, fully supported her friend’s decision.

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