Whereas “specialists” prefer to make us imagine that Germany remains to be in a drought – actual observations inform us a special story – cotton wool with that?

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By P. Gosselin on June 6, 2021

Persistent claims about a German drought have become absurd.

During today’s Sunday stroll, I observed how much rain we’ve been getting here in northwest Germany lately – see photos below.

Many of the farmers’ fields are flooded, streams and rivers are high and ditches full of water.

However, some alarmists out there would like us to believe that Germany is still stumbling from the drought and that it is too early to call the alarm.

In spring 2021 Germany received 175 l / m² of precipitation compared to the average of 171 l / m² for the reference period 1991 to 2020. While March and April were too dry, in May there was unusually high precipitation compared to previous years. The beginning of June was wet too.

But in its most recent report, the German Weather Service DWD again highlighted the old, wetter reference period 1961-1990 because it was able to say that spring was drier than normal for the eighth year in a row. The DWD wants us to think that there is still a drought and that all the water out there should simply be ignored.

Germany in a drought?

Another trick used by the alarmists is a color map that shows the intensity of the drought throughout Germany – for a depth of 1.8 meters! And here the data is not actually measured, but modeled, as explained here.

This is how we should imagine the situation in Germany (June 4, 2021):

Diagram source: UFZ

“Oh my God!” Many people may think when they see the graph. “It’s dry out there!” The media loves to use the above chart because of all of the red color generated by the computer model.

But what is the reality?

However, if we check the graph for the plant-available water development from June 4, 2021, the top 25 cm soil, the story looks very different:

It is wet! But the media never reports on the graphic above.

Photos of the German “drought”

Today I took a few photos of the “drought” in northwest Germany to show you how terribly dry everything has become – because of fossil fuels, of course. (Warning: sarcasm).

Below, entire stretches of grain fields are under water from the recent heavy rains:

Photo: P. Gosselin

But hey, our models say the ground is really dry – 1.8 meters deep – that counts!

What follows is not a picture of a Southeast Asian rice field. It is Germany that is suffering from drought, the media are happy to tell us. Another soaked field:

Photo: P. Gosselin

The tree in the next photo is definitely suffering from drought stress – due to artificial climate drying:

Photo: P. Gosselin

White asparagus (asparagus) is a German favorite at this time of year. But this year’s harvest is severely hampered by the north German drought that is now taking place (2 meters below the ground, according to models):

Photo: P. Gosselin

Yes, German farmers pray day and night for urgently needed rain because their fields are so parched (sarcasm):

Photo: P. Gosselin

No, the following is not the Garden of Eden. This is what drought-ridden northern Germany currently looks like. Just ignore all of the green color and damp look:

Photo: P. Gosselin

The windmills are still not working to save the climate – just look at how parched this field is:

Photo: P. Gosselin

Like this:

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