Why Paige DeSorbo Cried Over Craig Conover’s Engagement Speak

When it comes down to it, Paige revealed that leaving her home state is the real reason she’s not ready to take the next step in this relationship.

“I’m going to change a lot more than you,” she told Craig. “I’m going to change my whole life. I have no friends in Charleston, I don’t know anyone. My whole career is there, my family is in New York. I don’t want to leave my mother.”

The thought of leaving her family behind even brought Paige to tears. “I’m ready to settle down,” she added, “but the thought of moving is so scary.”

After seeing his girlfriend get emotional, the 34-year-old comforted Paige by telling her, “At the end of the day I love Charleston but I don’t love it more than you do,” before jokingly adding, “I know you love New York more than me.”

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