Why Sophia Bush shouldn’t be allowed to speak about ex Chad Michael Murray

Despite officially divorcing at 24, Bush said she still “largely” feels great about marriage – but there are reservations. “I think it depends on people’s motivations and I want to make sure that whether it’s me or one of my best friends, we’re clear about what we’re signing up for rather than thinking we’re getting some.” Kate Hudson and Matt McConaughey rom-com life, “she said.” This idea that you will get to know your person and they will make you so happy that you will be fulfilled and never be nervous again, and you “I will never think anyone else is hot is – like what? It’s such an absurd joke. “

Instead, Bush, who was most recently associated with the businessman, Grant Hughes, has different principles for a relationship. “What I’m a fan of, what I believe in is real partnership, real intimacy that comes with radical honesty and the basic rules of always giving your partner the benefit of the doubt while asking questions while you can be vulnerable. Admit it If you’re scared, admit that you’re being triggered by something else, “she enumerated.” You have to work a lot. “

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