Winnie Harlow shares her weight for the Victoria’s Secret Vogue Present


Winnie Harlow illuminates the numbers on their scale.

On Tuesday, December 8th, the 26-year-old model shared a meme that got her talking. “I never returned anything that I bought online. I just take the L and keep pressing it,” the meme said. Winnie added her own comment, writing, “Bruh … tons of LLLLLLs. Hella clothes, that don’t fit. Bitch I thought I was my height last year. AHT AHT! My booty said, ‘It’s quarantine sister !!’ “”

When fans reacted to her size, the runway star returned with a message of her own. “Yo, you won’t miss a thing,” she said, calling out the latest fan nicknames like “Thick Winnie”.

She went on to comment on her recent weight gain. “I was like £ 118 for Victoria’s Secret,” she shared. “I’m 141 now.” The fashionista also noted that her “goal” is 125 pounds. While pondering her weight gain, she shared a video of herself on November 10, 2018. “See how skinny I was,” she wrote of the video that was taped just days after she first walked – and only recently – Victoria’s secret fashion show.

The native Canadian posted a clip of herself early in the coronavirus quarantine in May, showing that she weighed 128 pounds at the time. She followed that up with a newer clip of herself highlighting her bum. She quipped, “Now this prey wants all the smoke.”

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