Yo Gotti presents “Any Lawyer” $2 million to free 42 Dugg

Memphis-raised rapper Yo Gotti is offering a generous salary to “any attorney” who can secure Detroit rapper 42 Dugg’s early release from prison. As previously reported by The Shade Room, 42 Dugg said his living conditions in custody were deplorable.

The rapper is currently serving a one-year sentence after pleading guilty to non-surrender in February.

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Yo Gotti is offering a generous payday for the release of 42 Dugg

Yo Gotti started his 42nd birthday celebrations earlier this week. However, instead of just thinking about himself, he took to Instagram to offer a huge payday to “any attorney” who can “get Dugg out sooner.”

“I got 2 million for every lawyer who can get 42 Dugg out early!! Thanks what I wish for my birthday #FreeDoggy”

Prior to Yo Gotti’s bid, 42 Dugg claimed his prison cell had been searched by officers

Hours before Yo Gotti made the $2 million offer, 42 Dugg shared an update on Instagram about alleged raids by officers on his cell at 3 a.m

In addition, the rapper continued to request legal counsel.

“They raided my shit at 3am last night man lol they took me to the war I need Johnny Cochran little cousin or Sumn it’s up in this bitch.”

Earlier this week, 42 ​​Dugg revealed there was no hot water, no heating and no visitors at the prison

As previously reported by The Shade Room, 42 Dugg took to Instagram on Tuesday to announce the regrettable circumstances allegedly surrounding his incarceration.

“Let me update you all on what’s really going on. And we marshals are trying to keep me from going home. I should come out On October 14th last year, they illegally detained me without justification because they felt that my federal judge in Detroit should not have given me a bond. I let that go after I was sentenced: he told me he wasn’t going to send me to jail, he made me serve my time in county jail, which is ten times worse, and then he had the courage to tell me that he know where I am live…”

The rapper accused officials of preventing him from moving him to a transitional home.

“Today there should have been a court hearing on an old case. The US Marshals then told the prison not to let me on Zoom to work the case, making it impossible for me to go into the crossing point. Bruh, those muthafuckas sent all kinds of guards to talk to me to see if I was asking for anything. The crazy thing is they’re putting me at risk…”

He then explained that officers were allegedly trying to “ruin” his life, adding that he has not yet received his release date. 42 Dugg then called him “the best civil attorney in Georgia.”

“They tell me the marshals are trying to ruin your life, they don’t want you to go home, they haven’t even turned in my paperwork so I can get my exit date and calculate my days, I need the best civil attorney in Georgia, man.” I’m in jail for going to the shooting range, getting dirty and not showing up. I didn’t steal from anyone, hurt anyone, they treated me crazy…”

He also claims that he heats his food with prison shower water and has no access to visiting facilities.

“Man I’m in this shit, heating my food with water from the nasty shower. They don’t even give us hot water to warm up food. There is no microwave, I can’t. I don’t get visits from my family, nothing. I’m sure they’ve done more illegal crap, but I plan on dying in this shit for violating parole. I know what they have against rappers and famous people, but I can’t. It’s not real”

The rapper’s current sentence also requires him to serve a three-year supervised release. In addition, he must abstain from drug use and participate in a 30-day inpatient program followed by a 30-day outpatient program.

As previously reported by The Shade Room, 42 Dugg will also have to pay a $20,000 fine.

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