YouTuber clears up “Sketch” by which he eats in entrance of the homeless

After a wave of online backlash, internet personality Tre seller speaks on a video showing him promising food to a homeless man before eating it right in front of him.

Social media was NOT happy with the content creator’s video

The video, which gained traction online, shows Tre acknowledging, “Today, my job is to make sure there’s one less hungry person on the street.”

He then approaches a man named Israel, described in the on-screen text as “Geeked on Crack,” and promises to buy him a Wendy’s baconator combo.

After buying the food, Tre returns and tells Israel, “I’ve been homeless myself, so I want to make sure you’re on the right track.”

Tre continues to eat the cheeseburger while staring Israel in the eye. At one point, the camera zooms in on Israel and reads, “He was so hungry.”

The content creator keeps chewing, noting how delicious the food is before walking away.

Controversial content creator “pets” homeless man by buying him food and eating it in front of him. Outrage follows on social media. | cc: tre.sellers

— The Herald-Post (@TheHeraldPostUS) April 24, 2023

This clip soon generated a plethora of backlash online, which you can see below.

It’s strange to go to the trouble of visiting a city with the highest rates of homelessness, to seek out a homeless man, and to eat his food in front of him. Some of you bitches are just nasty and weird and social media has nothing to do with it. You’re just a madman and lame

— Cool Girl (@Tea_witdre) April 24, 2023

Offering food to a homeless person and then eating it in front of them is pure evil.

— Jake Crain (@JakeCrain_) April 23, 2023

I think the video of this man eating this homeless man’s face was funny in the first place… along with the way energy works when it’s his turn to beg..

– FLEE. (@deja_iman) April 23, 2023

Cancel Tre Vendors pranking the homeless aren’t funny there are people out there really starving and you think it’s a joke you’re being fucked with a big dildo you idiot #CancelTre

— mynameislogan (@followme39294) April 26, 2023

Tre Sellers comments: “Everything was scripted”

In response to the backlash, Tre acknowledged the matter to provide further context.

He pinned the full-length video, which was uploaded back in February, to the top of his Instagram page.

In the full video, Tre reveals that he has returned to Wendy’s for another combo. However, he then sees that Israel has left the place and ends up giving the food to another homeless man.

He also edited the caption to break down the matter.

“This entire video is scripted… I asked him beforehand if we could do this video and he agreed to be in it. I gave him some money and food before we even started recording.”

Tre later explained that the video was “extremely taken out of context.”

“The clip you see shows me eating the sandwich and walking away, but that’s not the full video. I buy another meal and come back to the spot and he left as we told him to. We then gave the other meal to another guy. THIS WAS EXTREMELY TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT AND I JUST THE WORLD TO SEE THE FULL VIDEO.”

Tre didn’t stop there as he addressed the matter on his Instagram Story, where he went on to announce that the video was “fake.”

“Wendy’s video with the homeless man is fake. His name is Israel. He was well known in the neighborhood… Everything was scripted. It was a fake video. I won’t apologize because you guys don’t like my fake video.”

Sellers acknowledged that he shouldn’t receive “death threats,” even if people don’t like the skit.

“There’s no reason to send me death threats, to get upset, [or] Send me hate over a skit. Just because you didn’t like the skit doesn’t mean you have to hate me. As simple as that.”

He repeated: “It was a skit. It was a scripted video.” Tre also emphasized that he provided food to Israel before and after the video.

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