Yung Miami suggests monogamy in subsequent relationship

Yung Miami recently took to social media to share a little message about what she’s looking for in her love life, and she specifically wants her next boo to be all hers!

Yung Miami says she’s done ‘sharing’ her men.

On Sunday night, the “Jobs” rapper shared a direct and succinct message on Twitter, in which she simply announced, “I’m not sharing my next n***a!”

She didn’t elaborate on that statement, although many immediately suspected she was talking about Diddy, as she previously spoke about them both being “single.” [while] Dating,” as The Shade Room previously reported.

“We’re dating. We’re single but we’re together. People don’t know what dating means. He’s single, I’m single but we’re together.”

Despite the situation, both Diddy and Yung Miami made it clear that she is NOT a “side chick.” Instead, Diddy says the South Florida-raised artist is actually his “Shawty Wop.” He also noted that Yung Miami is “very important and special” to him

She has spoken about similar issues on social media: “I take everything personally”

As we delve into Yung Miami and her husband’s “sharing,” we should add that — back in October — she took a very different stance, writing, “Tell that b***h we need to share, that I don’t stumble.” However, it looks like she’s changed her mind!

Tell the bitch we have to share I don’t trip 🤭😏

— Yung Miami (@YungMiami305) October 15, 2022

Also, we should note that while she wants to keep her next boyfriend to herself, she still doesn’t want to tie the knot, as Yung Miami announced on Instagram at the end of the day that “men aren’t faithful.” Live.

“I don’t want to get married because I feel men are not faithful and if I marry then I’ll give my life to you.”

She went on to note that she “takes[s] everything personal,” before realizing that if her husband were unfaithful to her, she would have to “bury” him because she “can’t get over it.”

“I take everything personally, so if I’m with you and you step out of me… I won’t forgive you and I’ll never forget it.” And I feel like if my husband cheats on me, I’ll kill him. I’m really gonna bury you ‘Cause now you’ve embarrassed me. I’m hurt, I’ll never get over it, and now I can never look at you like that again.”

What do you think of Yung Miami’s comments and do you understand where she’s coming from?

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