Elle Fanning may be very pregnant within the massive season 2 preview

It turns out that lemon juice is not an effective form of birth control!

The first season of Hulus The Great ended on a cliffhanger. We wondered about the fate of the Russian kingdom and injured a heartbroken Leo (Sebastian de Souza) and worries about a pregnant Catherine (Elle Fanning).

But The Great viewers can now breathe a sigh of relief after Hulu released the following teaser for season two: “In season two, Catherine will be both mother of Russia and child.”

In other words, Catherine’s mission to free the Russian people from an awkward Peter (Nicholas Hoult) becomes a success along with the birth of their little boy Paul. We say: “Huzzah!”

Of course, history buffs knew this would come all along, as the series is inspired by the events that played out in the 18th century. Before the academics pat each other on the back, it should be remembered that historical accuracy is not a priority for serial writers Tony McNamaraand the big one is all the better for it.

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