Jimmy Butler delivers an Oscar-worthy efficiency for promoting a late foul within the Warmth win over Knicks

If only the Oscars had included NBA attendees, Jimmy Butler might have received an Academy Award nomination for the way he tried to sell a foul late in Miami’s win over New York.

Whether you view his performance as a drama or a comedy – or both – likely depends on your NBA affiliation. In any case, it was spectacular.

Butler tried his acting skills while selling an obvious foul, 4.8 seconds ahead of a 98-96 win. He certainly seemed to be in pain before peeking sly from under his hands and leaping up nonchalantly when he knew he wasn’t getting the call.

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Butler didn’t stop pounding it up there, either. After the game, he told HEATv’s Jason Jackson with a straight face that he thought he was concerned.

Hey, if you play as well as Butler on Tuesday, do whatever you want: He hit game highs with 26 points and 10 assists and made a game high with eight rebounds in 36 minutes. It’s Miami’s third win in a row, with only one game against the Rockets in the first half of the season.

Whatever it takes, right?

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