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Here at SHIFT, we think electric cars are great – obviously. But we have a particular weakness for classic cars that have been converted to electric drives.

Unfortunately, it is complicated to bring a beloved vintage engine with batteries and electric motors into the 21st century. The specialist for EV conversions, Zero Labs, would like to change this with its “classic electrical platform”.

In simple terms, it is a complete and ready-to-use electric car chassis with just one body placed on top and the controls connected.

Credit: Zero Labs The Zero Labs platform is a fully functional, ready-to-use electric car. All it takes is a body to fall on and it’s pretty good to drive.

According to Zero Labs, this platform can be used to replace the powertrain of classic muscle cars, two-door coupes, SUVs and pickups.

Unlike other classic car conversions that only replace the engine, transmission and fuel tank, the platform replaces the entire chassis, including the brakes, suspension and running gear.

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With that in mind, you can be sure that it will have the driving characteristics of a modern car.

Zero Labs, Platform, Future, Auto, EV, ElectricCredit: Zero Labs The Zero Labs platform would transform your classic car into a modern, one-of-a-kind performance vehicle.

The platform can be equipped with either an 85 or 100 kWh battery. The larger of the two is good for a range of up to 235 miles, but this can be significantly affected by the aerodynamic profile of the body placed on it.

While Zero Labs isn’t trying to turn classic cars into quarter mile monsters, it does claim some formidable performance metrics.

The company says it can deliver 400% more power than the original powertrain in cars manufactured before 1975. In other words, it has around 600 horsepower delivered by two engines.

It’s important to note that this platform is much more than just a bunch of electric car parts that you bolt a body to. It has remote diagnostics so Zero Labs can perform maintenance work wirelessly.

It also has regenerative braking, quick charge capability, built-in thermal management and a four-year warranty on the motor and battery. With the Zero Labs platform, you are essentially buying a complete electric car, but one that gives you the freedom to decide how it should look.

There’s no word on prices but don’t expect it to be cheap. Zero Labs will be accepting requests for production slots next year.

While the platform introduces some standardization to the world of converting classic cars to electric vehicles, it is still a niche product and is not manufactured on the same scale as traditional electric vehicles.

Zero Labs already offers EV conversions of old Ford Broncos and Land Rovers, starting at around $ 185,000.

At the moment, EV conversion still doesn’t seem cheap, but it remains very, very unique.

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Published on December 7, 2020 – 16:14 UTC

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