Week 14 Fantasy QB Rankings: Should-Begins, Sleepers, Attainable Busts at Quarterback


Hopefully you will have a reunion in the first round of your fantasy football playoffs as this is not a high scoring week for multiple regular quarterbacks. Usually QB is the easiest position to fill when you decide your lineup, but even a quick look at our 14th week Fantasy QB leaderboard will tell you this is not a great week for studs or sleepers.

The reason is simple: matchups. Some studs, including Patrick Mahomes (@ Dolphins), Deshaun Watson (@ Bears), and Josh Allen (vs. Steelers), have tough matchups on paper, while most of the cheap matchups that usually result in Sleeper QBs in the Top 12 moves up are approved for the likes of Mitchell Trubisky (versus Texans), Brandon Allen (versus Cowboys), Sam Darnold (@ Seahawks), Mike Glennon (versus Titans) and Colt McCoy / Daniel Jones (versus Cardinals), in other words, QBs that you don’t want to trust in must-win situations.

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Of course, you’ll still be starting Mahomes, Watson, and Allen, but what about the frontier crossers Taysom Hill / Drew Brees (@ Eagles), Kirk Cousins ​​(@ Buccaneers), Jared Goff (vs. Patriots), Matthew Stafford (vs. Packers), Derek Carr (against Colts) or Carson Wentz / Jalen Hurts (against Saints)? Aside from who starts for the Saints, none of these options look too attractive this week.

Run back | Wide receiver | Narrow end | D / ST | Kicker

There are some legitimate risers up this week including Ryan Tannehill (@ Jaguars), Matt Ryan (@ Chargers), and Philip Rivers (@ Raiders). All are borderline starters of most games, and they should do well in cheap matchups this week. Trubisky is probably your best bet among the risky QBs mentioned above, but do you really trust Trubisky with your season?

Ultimately, there are enough reliable quarterbacks out there that you don’t have to start a boom-or-bust player. Mahomes, Watson, and Allen have shown that they can make great statistics against anyone. Even if you prefer a softer opponent if you own one of them, then you shouldn’t worry about starting them. There are a few midsize players out there worth trying, but this isn’t the kind of week you want to take too many risks.

Note: Check back throughout the week as we will keep updating our QB rankings based on the latest news and injury updates until kickoff.

Week 14 Fantasy QB Rankings

This ranking applies to TD leagues with four points.

rank player
1 Aaron Rodgers, GB @ DET
2 Justin Herbert, LAC versus ATL
3 Russell Wilson, SEA versus NYJ
4th Lamar Jackson, BAL @ CLE
5 Tom Brady, TB versus MIN
6th Deshaun Watson, HOU @ CHI
7th Kyler Murray, ARI @ NYG
8th Patrick Mahomes, KC @ MIA
9 Ryan Tannehill, TEN @ JAX. Tannehill used the garbage time to hit a season high of 389 meters last week. With three TDs he scored several points in all but two games this year. Jacksonville stepped in on week 13, allowing QBs to get the third highest Fantasy Points per game (FPPG). Then he gave Kirk Cousins ​​305 yards and three TDs, so Tannehill has a huge advantage here. You can advocate his ranking higher, but he’s difficult to trust via the QBs listed above, and there’s always a chance Derrick Henry will do most of the heavy lifting for the Titans.
10 Ben Roethlisberger, PIT @ BUF. In four of the five games before week 13, Roethlisberger tried at least 42 passes and has multiple touchdowns. Given his stable of talented pass catchers, Big Ben always has solid ground, and a cheap matchup against a Bills defense that allows the sixth-highest FPPG for QBs gives him the potential for a high cap again this week.
11 Josh Allen, BUF versus PIT. It doesn’t get much more difficult for quarterbacks than against Pittsburgh, which allowed one or fewer QB touchdowns in weeks 9-12. Allen executed multiple touchdowns in all but two of the games and averaged 35 rushing yards per game in weeks 6 to 12, so his ground is high against everyone.
12 Matt Ryan, ATL @ LAC. Ryan has been inconsistent this year, but when Julio Jones was on the lineup, he was playing at a borderline QB1 level. The chargers went on week 13, allowing the eighth most FPPG quarterbacks, delivering three touchdowns to Cam Newton last Sunday. While Newton did most of his damage to the ground, it still shows that LA has a vulnerable defense that Ryan should take advantage of with Jones and Calvin Ridley.
13 Taysom Hill, NO @ PHI. Hill continues to record solid numbers as the Saints starter, racing at least 44 rushing yards and two TDs total on each of his three starts. It is worth noting that two of these games were played against Atlanta’s 31st defensive pass, and the other start against Denver Hill fought as a passer (9:16, 78 yards, INT). Philadelphia has been tough against QBs for most of the year (the eighth-to-last FPPG allowed in Week 13), but Hill’s ability to be quick makes him a potential fantasy starter regardless of the opponent. The extra wrinkle this week is that Drew Brees (Rippen) is eligible to step out of the IR, and if he does, Hill will again be a device of limited imagination. We expect New Orleans to give Brees another week of rest, but this situation needs to be monitored.
14th Philip Rivers, IND @ LV. Rivers has thrown at least 285 yards in four consecutive games, and in his last seven competitions he has averaged 290.9 yards and two TDs per game. He’s taken advantage of many cheap matchups during this time, but this week’s bias in Vegas is another one to take advantage of. The Raiders have allowed multiple QB touchdowns in four of their last five games, including a three-TD bet for Sam Darnold last week. Now, in sync with TY Hilton, Rivers has a ton of advantages in matchups like this.
15th Kirk Cousins, MIN @ TB. After Tampa started the year as one of the top pass defenses in the NFL, Tampa headed south in a rush. The Bucs have allowed multiple TDs in each of the last six games, and have given up 838 yards and six TDs in the last two competitions. To be fair, they faced Jared Goff and Patrick Mahomes, but this is clearly not a passing defense to be feared. Given the top run defense in the NFL, Minnesota could be forced to fit more in what will happen. Cousins ​​hit the high ground he’s shown in the last five games (287.6 yards, 2.8 TDs).
16 Teddy Bridgewater, CAR vs. THE. Denver pass defense was ubiquitous this year, but there were issues containing mobile quarterbacks. Bridgewater had a quiet good season on his legs, averaging 19 rushing yards per game and a total of three TDs on the ground. No, it won’t pay off as a fantasy starter because of its ability to rush, but it’s a nice bonus that adds to its already solid ground. DJ Moore (COVID) is likely to miss this game, but Bridgewater will still have Robby Anderson, Curtis Samuel and likely Christian McCaffrey to throw to, making him a solid, if unspectacular paly.
17th M.atthew Stafford, DET v GB. Stafford had his best game of the season against a strong bear pass defense, so it’s entirely possible he could produce against a similar Packers defense. In fact, Stafford only seems to produce in statistically difficult matchups, as he played his best games against the Bears, Washington, Colts and Saints and pitched pedestrian numbers against the Vikings, Hawks and Jaguars, among others. When these teams met in Week 2, Stafford had 244 yards and two points so a decent floor can be reached, but given his disagreements, Stafford is at risk this week.
18th M.Itching Trubisky, CHI vs. HOU. Trubisky has averaged 254.5 yards and two TDs in his last two starts, and Houston, having passed at least 283 yards in seven of his last eight games, is the kind of cheap matchup he can use for decent numbers.
19th Andy Dalton, DAL @ CIN
20th Jared Goff, LAR versus NE
21st Tua Tagovailoa, MIA vs. KC
22nd Sam Darnold, NYJ @ SEA
23 Mike Glennon, JAX versus TEN
24 Brandon Allen, CIN vs. FROM
25th Baker Mayfield, CLE versus BAL
26th Derek Carr, LV vs. IND
27 Carson Wentz, PHI vs. NO
28 Cam Newton, NE @ LAR
29 Colt McCoy, NYG v ARI
30th Drew Lock, DEN @ CAR
31 Alex Smith, WHAT @ SF
32 Nick Mullens, SF versus WHAT

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