Legal Negligence? Authorities have ignored flood warnings … “Let folks drown” … “Monumental system failure” – is that clear?

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By P. Gosselin on July 17, 2021

Criticism of the German authorities’ inaction is mounting after the recent fatal floods.

Germany’s New Orleans

Many of the more than one hundred fatalities in the recent flood disaster in Central West Germany could have been prevented had the responsible institutions heeded the warnings issued by the weather services days beforehand. The authorities were warned days too early, but did nothing to prepare for the evacuation or the mobilization of resources. The media did nothing to warn.

Veteran meteorologist: “A lot could have been prevented”

The Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann said in a PULS-24 interview that “a lot of it could have been prevented” and “people could have been warned”.

“The rain could not have been prevented”, but the authorities and the “media could have warned the population”. The veteran Swiss meteorologist is surprised by the “surprise of the authorities” and says that “people could have been evacuated or at least objects could have been moved to higher floors”.

“Let the people drown” as “they send shit”

Kachelman also commented on Germany’s leading national daily newspaper Bild: “It hurts when the very people who have the resources to accompany such a weather situation around the clock do nothing to save lives. But they send shit and they drown people. “

Unpreparedness becomes a German habit

The publicist Roland Tichy from commented on the seemingly permanent paralysis of the authorities: “Those who cause the flood disaster on the climate argue cynically: It is about concrete responsibility and concrete measures and solutions. And so every weather hits Germany unprepared. “

Warnings days in advance

The online magazine FOCUS reported here that the authorities claimed that the flood came suddenly and that it was therefore impossible to prepare for it. Bur Jan Schenk from “The Weather Channel” told FOCUS that warnings had appeared at the end of last week:

A heavy precipitation event was announced in West Germany on Friday. The weather models fluctuated so strongly that one could already speak of severe weather due to heavy rain. By Monday at the latest it must have been clear to everyone that there would be floods in West Germany. “

“Monumental system failure”

FOCUS added:

The European flood warning system EFAS had even warned of “extreme floods”. The fact that so many people still had to die is a ‘monumental system failure’, said the British hydrologist Hannah Cloke, advisor to the EU Commission for EFAS, the Politico magazine.

Belgium and the Netherlands have both evacuated citizens.

Climate change to divert attention from failure

Meanwhile, science editor Axel Bojanowski from “Welt” commented on the claim that the flood was caused by German CO2 emissions: “The climate argument is used by politicians to divert attention from their own responsibility for a catastrophe. Records show that flash floods are less dangerous than before, despite climate change. “

Build in a natural floodplain!

Another suspected problem that is not getting the proper attention is reckless planning and zoning. On Twitter, Stefan S. astutely noted that the badly affected city of Altenau in Rhineland-Palatinate seems to have been built on an area that is a natural floodplain of the Ahr, satellite photos show:

I would love to know what #geologists see in this picture! As a layperson, I would say that they built in a river bed or in an old floodplain.

– Stefan S. (@StefanSkibbe) July 15, 2021

Germany is increasingly being paved with paving

Another important factor for flash floods is the sealing of the area of ​​Germany. A total of 19,743 km² (5.5%) of the land area is paved.

In the recent floods in Germany, it turned out that Germany is the most fortified, as the following graph shows. The colors show the degree of coverage of the area:

Source: Leibnitz Institute

The deadliest floods occurred before 1980

After all, climate alarmists like to insist that flooding is much worse today than it was before CO2 emissions reached higher levels (350 + ppm). But of course that is nonsense. The 30 deadliest floods in the last 1,000 years all occurred before 1980:

The 30 deadliest floods in the last 1000 years:

Only all 30 of them occurred before 1980.

Climate change is REAL!

– 𝔻𝕒𝕨𝕟𝕋𝕁𝟡𝟘 ™ (@ DawnTJ90) July 16, 2021

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